Makayla Seger

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I have a passion for helping the entrepreneurial minded achieve their goals of not just starting a business but taking control of their time for the things that are most important in their life.

Many years of experience in business has fostered a belief that no one should just rely on a JOB. I encourage every person with the capabilities to take actions, whether that is investing in a franchise, buying an existing business or having a "Side Gig", my goal is to encourage you to have something you control to build and protect your family’s financial future.

But often the question is where do you start: 

With so many options and opportunities, having someone help you explore the options, providing resources and knowledge is always a benefit and our team can do that. 

We offer FREE assessments and a regular WTF - Why This Future! presentation with a live Q & A to answer your individual questions about different business options, funding options and how to get started. 

No sales pitch - just information.  Learn more at  www..the link for the webinar registration page which I should have done by tomorrow. 

Makayla loves getting to know her clients and providing this service, 

having built her business on the premise of the famous quote: 

“You can have everything in life you want, if you just help other people get what they want” — Zip Zigler